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Moscow Fashion Week


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Hi - I'm Diana, a professional wedding photographer based in Colorado, but serving all over the USA.

Thank you so much for checking out my work!

I believe in the equal importance of artistic taste and technical skills.

While I prefer lighter colors and airy images -I do not find myself falling in any particular aesthetic genre.

I combine several techniques while shooting and feel comfortable working in all kinds of conditions:

both natural light and flash, both candid filming and posed images, both by myself and with a team.

10 years of photography experience have taken me from Moscow (Russia) to Colorado,

Miami, New York, Boston, New Mexico, Washington, Portland, Mexico, Egypt, Cuba,

and lots of other amazing places where I had pleasure of working with

local wedding professionals and couples.

Photography to me is not just a job. It's my passion and greatest love.

I dedicate 100% of my time into photography and if that means cleaning up your bridal suite,

moving you to the best light while you put your wedding dress on or scouting the perfect location for your first look- I will do that.

It is my purpose to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

 I will guide you thru the posing part.

I will fix your hair and ask you to bring your chin up and smile.

I will remind you to grab your flowers and smell them.

But besides of that I will make sure to get all the photos of the family,

wedding party  and all the meaningful details you wanted to have captured so don’t have to worry about it.

You just enjoy your day and feel beautiful.

Finding your perfect wedding photographer means so much more than just liking their work!

Knowing that at times weddings can be stressful - you should truly trust your photographer

and love their personality.


I would be happy to answer all of your questions, so feel free to message or call me anytime!



with Boris Grim

with Zveri Band
with BI2 Band
With Basta
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with Diana Arbenina
with Diskoteka Avaria
  • I did my first paid photoshoot in 2 month after I bought my first DSLR camera. I got paid $7 and spent $5 on the bus ride

  • I learned English in Moscow subway during my daily 2 hours ride to the University 

  • Among my hobbies are skydiving, bungee jumping and painting

  • When I was 19 I was privileged to meet Peter Langone - one of the most successful commercial photographers in the US. When he saw me- he smiled and pinched my cheek. I didn't speak English back then. So just pinched his cheek back. 

  • I have masters degree in Public relations

  • I discovered I can run fast when I was taking pictures of the alligator in FL and got chased by it

  • Sometimes I teach salsa, bachata, or cardio dancing

  • One of the craziest shoots I've done was the one with the floating bed in the ocean. It was hard because the bottom wasn't even and I almost dived a few times with my camera​

  • Photography is my full time job therefore 100% of my effort goes to your pictures

with V.Butusov (Nautilus Pompilius)
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