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Anna + James. Elopement in Miami.

Anna and Jame's love story is very unique. It began about 7000 miles apart and brought them to this beautiful beach in Florida.

This elopement was very important to me. Not just because I adore Anna and James but also because almost exactly a year ago from this shoot I got married at the same location to the love of my life :)

I personally think that Miami has very special kind of sky with it's epic clouds and the color. That day the weather was definitely on our side. And as a bonus we got some breeze so it wasn't crazy hot :)

Mathesson Hammock has lots of pretty spots: from the ocean view to the palm trees and coral walls of the buildings. But one of my favorite ones is not-so-obvious embankment with lots of yachts and boats.

Wonderful weather, wonderful couple, wonderful place. What else can photographer dream of? A serious bonus when the bride is a professional model and doesn't mind to shoot some serious portraits just in case!

And of course the groom has handled his part really well! :)

This tropical story took very special place in my heart. It all just fell into place and worked out perfectly. I'm wishing Anna and James the endless journey full of love, fun and adventures, and hope that these pictures will be an eternal reminder of how beautiful they are together <3

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