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Beautiful elopement in Leadville, Colorado

Breanna and Austin chose the highest mountain town of the US for their special day.

Leadville is definitely one of the most photogenic little towns around Colorado but besides small town views you also in the great proximity to the epic mountains of Twin Lakes.

I adore "getting ready" part. I mean, look how cozy, intimate and special this part of the day is!

Leadville rail road has this awesome train that has became very popular photography spot. We didn't miss that!

After taking some pictures at at Leadville streets we headed to Twin Lakes. One of my most favorite mountain spots in Colorado. I have two favorite locations. One is the top of the heel that opens the view to the entire mountain chain and another one is the beach near the lake at the bottom of the mountain.

Sunset light is beautiful. Weddings at the sunset can't be compared to anything else. However- you are very tight in time because you usually have an hour gap between "too harsh" and "too dark".

Two hours flew as a few minutes. Yes it's just enough to cover all the key moments if the celebration is held for two people. Intimate, sweet, peaceful and touching. I feel like from time to time these two were forgetting about me and were just enjoying the mountains, the sunset and the water. Isn't it perfect?

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