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Arrowhead Golf Club wedding. Larry and Mariana

When I met Mariana and Larry for coffee at Starbucks I expected this whole story to be classic and as good as weddings get. I got super excited when I found out that they chose Arrowhead Golf Club as their venue because it has some of the most epic backdrops and no matter what kind of weather it is- it looks beautiful.

The blooming season has began and we were able to capture all the most stunning combinations of colors: red rocks, green grass, purple flowers, white dress, blue suit...

What else can photographer ask for? :)

We were kinda worried about the rain pouring on us during the ceremony but once again I felt super lucky because no raindrop has fell on our heads at any time!

I usually offer a choice between engagement session and an extra hour of wedding photography to my couples who buy a package for 4, 6 or 8 hours and these two chose to have their engagement photos done and they were SO RIGHT! It gave us a chance to get to know each other better and to know exactly what to expect at the wedding. Mariana and Larry are two extremely happy, positive, beautiful and fun people and their wedding pictures came out just like them- I felt like it was the quickest 4 hours of wedding photography ever! We had fun, we were laughing, we came up with tons of crazy ideas and totally implemented them into life... Take a look and see it yourself :)

Both Mariana and Larry are from Brasil. They speak portuguese and had dozens of relatives and friends visiting them from their home country. I arrived a little bit early to capture some details and to scout the best spots for formal photos and the first thing I saw as I got there was Larry flying into the reception area with the words : "Let's do it guys! Everything has to be PERFECT for her!" The family was helping to set up the candy bars of the sweets they brought, the venue crew was taking care of the flowers and seating area, the DJ was on spot testing his equipment and I was feeling like this is what the perfect wedding feels like... From the beginning you just know that it's going to be flawless.

Mariana and Larry figured out the perfect logistic. It's totally possible to capture all the key moments within 4 hours if you plan them right. Therefore the grooms party pictures were taking before the ceremony, and the bride's party ones- after. This way Larry first saw Mariana walking down the isle and we saved this touching moment. We were able to get boys photos at no rush, and it gave us a chance to go a little crazy. You will see what I mean. Scroll down.

When I say that my clients want get exactly what they want- I mean it. Larry mentioned the dragon. Say no more!... (Dragon wedding photos! He even brought the sword to fight it as a true knight!)

After they killed the dragon we decided to take a moment to enjoy all the little things he has to do as a groom. Like demostrating his ring...

Trying his Thor stroke one more time...

And making sure we don't forget to capture all the details of his well styled look:

Planning ahead meaning to save some time to photograph all the meaningful elements the family and the couple has worked on. It always feels extra special to me because... You know, there is no unimportant details.

Finally I came to capture girls getting ready and the moment I saw Mariana - I was speechless. She picked the perfect dress and her hair and make up were spot on. Lucky me to photograph it. Lucky Larry to have her for the rest of his life :)

One of the sweetest moments was when Mariana's mom first saw her:

Finally the time has come. The bride was ready, the guests were ready, the groom was absolutely ready to have his princess and to put the ring on it! The ceremony has began:

Finally the music has change, guests rose for the bride, and...

The ceremony was personal, sincere, touching and full of meaningful elements like rose exchange, singing, incense burning. Everyone cried: the groom cried, the bride cried, parents cried, bridal party cried, I cried (I had no chance I swear!)...

Here is a little slideshow of the ceremony photos for you:

After the ceremony was done- we had some time to take family and bridal party photos. I have to mention that at this point it got a little chilly but everyone was a trooper and did amazing job posing without looking cold at 50 degrees!

And of course that was the time to photograph ladies:

Arrowhead club has amazing option of taking golf cart to other side of the course for couples pictures. I've photographed there before and I had a plan of what kind of pictures we need to get. Larry and Mariana were beyond awesome.

Just for this wedding season I knew I need something special to offer to my couples. While traveling to Russia I bought tilt-shift lens and that was the first wedding I got to play with that at!

I was looking forward to this wedding since we had the engagement shoot. I feel very lucky being able to capture such a special day of these wonderful people. The arrowhead golf course is one absolutely stunning venue but it would not be the same without the people who put effort in this:

Photography: Diana Lange Photography (

Venue: Arrowhead Golf Course (

Flowers: Sweet Pea Designs (

Planner: Heidi Larson

Candy bar and cake: Gigi Cupcakes

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