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My little big New York

Big cities don't scare me. There is nothing better than being able to walk the streets and talk out loud knowing that no single person will ever meet you again. Talk out loud about whatever is in your mind.

My little escape to New York has happened at the beginning of October.

One boring night I just grabbed the ticket and was there in about 6 hours.

New York met me with this post-summer heat, zero clouds and a few chances of rain. We agreed not to proceed with the last ones.

My goal was to take a walk everywhere I could. Living in Colorado I miss being able to just walk into places, plus New York's challenging subway was definitely in my bucket list.

I began at the World Trade Center.

World Trade Center, New York

Straight to Manhattan. It's so easy to get exhausted when you are not sure where you going to. These concrete jungles are real labyrinths and I'm forever thankful for GPS. And delis with falafel and fresh fruits.

How do I describe my feelings about this part of the city?...

Let's just say that the fact that every inch of this land has been touched and fixed with someone's hands is blowing my mind. Human nature is unbelievable. We grow the cities up to the sky level and then... Most of the time we are not sure what to do with that.

Every little window of these buildings means somebody's history, somebody's life and somebody's dream. Every wall of every tremendous skyscraper holds so many mysteries and secrets that if they could walk... Who knows what would happen? :)

New York has given me some breathtaking sunsets to photograph.

I always wanted to see this never ending city scape from the top of the Rock. Therefore there I go.

Reference for photographers- when you hope to capture some sick scapes- be ready to go a little beyond normal. The observation of the Top of the rock is surrounded by 7 feet tall glass wall with just a tiny gaps in between. I had to unscrew the lens from my camera, stick both hands out above 87 floors underneath me and screw it back on. Only then I could shoot. Otherwise the glass would always be in my frame with it's glare from the city lights. I think it worth it.

Right after this I decided to stop by my favorite Cathedral. You probably recognize it well.

St.Patric's cathedral is open most of the time and you can freely come in, lit the candle and photograph it if you want. I just sat there and stared to it's tremendous architecture full of small elements that make you realize how much human effort it took to build such a piece of art.

Next day I headed straight to Brooklyn. I had some big plans about visiting Brighton beach (Russian neighborhood in New York better knows as little Odessa). I really wanted to check some Russian restaurants and stores. But before I had to stop by the Brooklyn bridge, dumbo and finally see Manhattan from that side.

Amount of tourists at Brooklyn Bridge doesn't let you photograph it completely without grabbing someone in frame. Next time I should come see it at some very morning hour (Am I too hopeful? lol)

Brighton beach was probably one of the most awesome experiences I had. I didn't shoot much over there, just enjoyed eating at Tatiana's restaurant, people watched, and listened to some Russian music right there by the shore. People do know how to enjoy life there. Families walks with by the ocean, kids running free around the neighborhood (not typical for the US in my opinion) and fruit sellers trying to give you some grapes to enjoy before you jump back to the train :) And once again... The sunset.

Right before my flight back I went to check out Metropolitan museum. My obsession with Picasso and Van Gogh was satisfied fully... And then I realized that I didn't really do what I was supposed to do... To capture some fall colors of that little island of peace in the middle of the craziest city on earth... This summer while I was visiting my family in Moscow, me and my friends got into paddling... I rented the boat and decided to photograph Central Park form the water.

The amount of turtles sitting on the rocks is equal to the amount of the squirrels in Denver. I didn't expect that :)

New York is... Everyone has it's own definition of New York. To me it has become a getaway after which I come home and feel like everything is not peacefully exhausting for a while... Just peaceful.

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