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Their love is called Alexis

Beautiful day at Estes. The sun in shining bright, the party is about to begin.

Jen and Joe are finishing their preparation at the rooms so the first look goes smooth!

I always admire the brides that style their wedding themselves. This one wasn't exclusion. Jen picked awesome white converse shoes, added their wedding date to them and replaced boring shoe laces with white ribbons. Her flowers choice was white and pink peonies and her jewelry was classy!

Joe picked classic black smocking and white shirt. He matched with Jen's details by wearing cool pink tie

While boys were preparing and sipping from their new flask (Joe's gift to all his groomsmen) ...

Girls were having fun in matching robes that Jen got for all of the bridesmaids!

Aaand the special moment when the bride put the dress on!

Everything was ready for the first look. Usually I take the couple away from the guests for this kind of pictures. But this wedding party was so supportive and excited that we let everyone watch it from the distance.

The shuttle took us up to the YMCA ceremony spot and it all went just as planned. Smooth, touching and beautiful!

Jen and Joe released the white doves that symbolized the beginning of their new married life.

I've seen this ceremony done so many times in Russia, but I have never seen anyone doing it here in the US. I feel like it's a good symbolism and a great opportunity for photographer to create something unique!

Jen and Joe's first family photos came out stunning. They were so relaxed and easy to work with that time just flew by. I had one shot in mind that I wasn't sure about cause it requires some extra effort... Not that I didn't want to do it. I totally did. So... Yes, I did. I climbed the tree for these (why did I decide to wear the dress exactly for that wedding?! lol)

Our ride back to reception area was beyond fun. So we had to document it as well :)

The reception are was beautifully decorated. All the little things like Champaign glasses, center pieces and newly weds table were matching and making you keep taking pictures over and over again :)

After all that you might ask - why is their Love's name is Alexis.

Oh. That's why:

Cheers to Jen and Joe for organizing this beautiful day and making in so enjoyable not just for the guests but for the vendors as well! :) HooRay! :)

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